Thursday, February 26, 2015

Practicality or Emotionalism??

Who is a good leader?? One who can understand the practicality of the situation and adapt accordingly or the other who can see emotional side of the situation, listen to his heart  and give results accordingly?? Being an reader, I read about lot of different articles about ideas that successfully laid the path for rule, hundreds of past leaders who dominated the world (not only individuals but collective people or a whole nation too), thousands of common who got affected and reacted differently but i was never able to find balance.. between need of the time and need of the people as a whole... Any particular situation bring forth different requirements for different people and communities.. the reaction which can be beneficial for a group of people can be disastrous to some other.. History is full of these kind of examples.. When because of few individuals (it starts with few and expands its base by including others of same nature in it), a large has suffered.. and they suffered not because they didn't have any choice, the suffered because they were made to believe that this is what their fate decided for them.. Good or Bad, justified or unjustified, essential or burden; no matter what they think of it, they have to bear it because they lack power to overcome it.. I always understood that the individuals who controlled the fate of thousands were those who had economical and political high-ends, but i can never understood why the other thousand let them do this to them.. Why people let rule others over them when they knew what is happening is against the rule of nature of equal rights.. yes nature has given every one different standard of tasks and abilities, thoughts and understanding but it never meant that any particular individual is above or below some other.. Each work, each thought, each minute has its importance in this world and thus no one can deny any other his right to live with same dignity and comfort with which he is living.. yes when number of people living together increases, its necessary to have some kind of discipline but with a balance.. i have read about time when selfishness was at its verge, i have read about that time too when self-needs and leisure meant nothing for few individuals.. those who exploited others with the reason of practical needs, left emotions completely on sides.. I know, being completely emotional, leads to foolishness but we must remember, being completely practical leads to individualism... both are negative.. the sign positive '+' itself includes in itself two orthogonal ideologies.. only combination of both can complete it.. Yes it is very difficult maintain that balance (you cannot keep everyone satisfied) but yes a majority can be. and that majority must include the most needed one at the first step.. selfishness must be in our mind when we keep ourselves on the places of the people for whom we are deciding (only then can we understand what they expect from us) and being unbiased is what is expected from us while formulating all the understandings.. I guess that could help in maintaining a reasonable balance... 

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