Tuesday, March 31, 2015


What comes in your mind at first when you listen the word "choice"?? it can be 6 letter word for many of you but come here, I can help you meet a lot of people for whom this little word means a lot.. For most of us, this word might have taken its way to aloofness as for us to do what we want to is more of regular thing rather than anything special thing to celebrate.. but there are a lot of people for whom to make a choice is not at all in choices to be chosen.. think of a situation when you need to select for your undergraduate subject.. for lot of people, thinking of having an under-graduation degree is not at all in their choice-list.. I everyday see lots of faces which look at the students going for studies with temptation in their eyes and helplessness on their faces.. do they choose to have that helplessness?? do they enjoy that temptation?? no.. they scream-out loud deep in their heart.. but they don't have any choice.. For us, getting the degrees is part of our journey which has to be followed.. but for them its somewhere else apart from the road, cut-offed from their journey route.. they have to dig their own way to it.. and its not about just schooling.. its about every small wish.. whether to eat of their choice, wear what they want, doing things of their choices.. they are helpless by destiny but we are indifferent by choice.. Today, in the era of empowerment-talks (it is the most hot topic of discussion in media and privileged people), I just want to put forward some queries of my mind.. we talk about women empowerment the most.. but why is it only focused around dresses, sex and late night parties.. No doubt we must have choices in those also.. but their are girls, who still struggle for their way out of home for their basic needs.. and I want include decision-making, freedom of expression in words (write or say) and future plans in their basic necessities.. for them denial of dresses or late night parties is not at all the issue but to let not their soul feel contented surely is.. lack of contentment has disastrous effect on any human being.. and it much more dangerous when it is denied to you without giving chances.. also can you answer yourself,. lets talk about marriage.. here choices can take a negative turn.. because understanding in positive sense can make way for a happy and settled life, not just for but for your near and dear ones.. I'm not supporting for compromising on dreams, I just wish for collective decision rather than single on its timing.. understanding must not be confused with giving up.. you have your thoughts and ideas, and they are unique to you, but when you associates yourself with some person for life, the implementation of those ides must be done in a careful way which can be defended if needed.. your choices must not make some else suffer.. CHOICES must be selfish when needed but their destination must be selfless.. their results must encompass those who are deprived of it.. It must create a self-creating chain.. I guess only then can my choice is on its right way..

May be being alone is my destiny for today
but believe me bringing you closer is my destination for tomorrow..
may be i am standing single at this moment
but believe me i will bring you near me in my row..
may be Choices have to selfish in execution..
but believe me they will make wider the ways which were narrow..

Saturday, March 28, 2015


Lets begin with a small discussion toady.. There was a girl.. What's her name was is not important.. What's important is how she saw the world.. for her world was not a beautiful or an ideal place to live in but certainly it was an interesting place worth experiencing.. she thought of it in her unique way.. she loved to live in it.. no doubt she has pain, at times she felt hurt, at times she was disappointed with the way life was treating her.. but all these fact never broke her confidence in live being worth living.. she has her fundamentals and way of look towards life.. she believed that every human has capabilities to make this world a better place to live in.. what is needed are sincere efforts and to think above himself.. a fundamental equation says that what you cannot consider right or acceptable for yourself, you have no right to implement same to others.. if you need respect for yourself, you have to first give that to everyone.. in this balanced world, you cannot shift balance in your benefit at the cost of others.. and if you are blessed with some talents, you have to be thankful and share your talents with other so that other too can enjoy the benefits.. it might reflect socialist values but being purely capitalist cannot make anyone feel contented.. balance is a fundamental requirement.. but all her views got shattered when she saw how people were inhumane and irresponsible for some very basic values.. she used to thought that these are some basic ideas that are always there in the heart of people but when she saw the stupid responses and  selfish behavior of them she felt heart-broken.. her simple question was ," when she can feel the trauma and sense seriousness of the situation, why can't others? she is also a normal human being with average understanding, then why cant others??" and when i listened to her thoughts, the same questions arises in my mind. i know everyone has his build her thoughts in a different and peculiar way but some basic situation has same results.. they must not be denied.. and i feel ashamed when people act in the very opposite way in those basic situation.. especially being a woman.. i feel like God has given us very good understanding,intuitive and reasoning power.. What we can make of a situation, no one else can.. We can be the best administrators if we can put our 100% effort.. but at the same time we can the do the very opposite if we react in a stupid way and act in spontaneity and without giving any second thoughts.. we are made to rule but in a sensible way.. the world belongs to us and we must make it worth appreciating.. We must keep our shoulders high to go on and on but in a subtle manner.. our little effort in evry sector can collectively lead to great positive change.. I wanna make myself proud and i will, will you?? 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It is rather very difficult to take decision at any point of time in your life.. Whats's right?? What's wished?? What's required?? What is the need of the hour?? A lot and lot goes inside out in mind and heart while thinking bout situations which are rather complicated.. Many a times, I think, that things are not as complicated as we take them.. they can be dealt with in a more simplistic way or I should say in a easier way at-least if little of emotions and practicality is added in those.. i wont say that whenever any complicity occur in any relation, the fault is either on-sided or two-sided.. i disagree with the proverb " you cannot clap without using two hand".. In relations or in any other situation, it can happen.. because some are the situations which are not governed by laws of nature or laws of requirement.. they are rather governed by laws of egoism or attitude or rigidness.. at that time there is a clap which has no sound associated with it but a boiled lava coming up slowly inside the volcano which cannot be seen from outside until it's exploded.. but is there any way employing which can this explosion be avoided or at-least kept at reasonable distance from important sites.. I would answer this in affirmation.. but this affirmative answer needs a tough stand and strong affiliation in its backdrop.. being good doesn't mean being silent.. its nowhere in the scene.. Goodness comes with lots of responsibilities.. In the present society, its very difficult to decide between right and wrong except in any hard core situation.. things are more relative and less absolute.. being responsible means to decide a balanced way out in every circumstances.. responsibility demands selflessness.. and its too difficult to be so.. compromises are much difficult to be made than promises.. at the starting, we can make a lot of promises but as time goes on, those promises demands compromises from us which means to set back self made choices.. and believe me that's a very tough task to deal with.. my personal criteria to deal with any situation is always based on the assumption of what i would have liked if i would have been in another person's place.. i know it never works always but this atleast it has an assurance with it of low pain intensities to others.. being stubborn is nice but being flexible is much better.. till it never want compromises on your basic principles.. I know we all have our right to enjoy this life given to us and have freedom of choices and decision but with rights comes the responsibility.. we should do what we want while taking care of others.. compromising on small things is not a bad deal for achieving great targets.. make yourself so lovable and respectable that people tends to give you what you want.. for our life, we must fight and work hard to make it worth living and remembering..

Sunday, March 22, 2015


She said: i wanna have a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency..

they said: u are made to remain bounded and dependent by the supreme law..
She said: the world belongs to me and i belong to it.. 
they said: It never was and never will..
She said: look, the stars!! they are made for me also.. I can fly high and reach them.
they said: u are allowed to just see them and not to reach them..
She said: oh so humble one!! answer my last question..are u delivering the supreme law or u are just like others who are afraid to come below or at least equal to any other community than yours and using law as shield??
they said: lets leave.. we said what was told to us.. we are done..

they said, they left..

people never thought of the effects the words they say have on others.. they say and goes away.. and people need to suffer because of them.. and that suffering goes on a long way.. the right to live suffers the most.. the right to think intimate the most.. and above all our existence get into trouble the most... its time to get answer of all the questions we have in our mind, all the boundaries drown around us need to be justified, their right to question us in every circumstance need to be scrutinized.. we made us what we are and we dont need to give any explanation to any one who are not even anywhere related to us.. we did the action and let us be bearer of action and not the bearer to restraints to avoid the course of ideas and action.. we could be wrong but that doesn't make us less recognized or for biddable to implemenation.. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015


The Story started with Adam and Eve as it is said... see the world population today.. we have come along along way.. in this journey we interacted, with nature, with people who were like us, with animals and lot more.. I guess its naturally induced formula of getting engaged with those who are around us.. But do this always necessary?? Do this always required or permissible? we have a lot of feelings associated with us... love, hatred, jealousy, respect, being ignorant, being cautious and a lot more.. sometimes these may overcome us because of the genuineness of the reason behind them.. I'm not saying that those reasons are always right.. Theory of relativity rules everywhere.. All the things (including feeling and other emotions felt) make their way to right or wrong depending upon the perspective in which they are seen.. but ultimately what happens is that they can rule over our mind and heart sometimes.. that is actually the time for introspection.. leaving ourselves out of this world is what can help in such situations.. Solitude can define us.. when we are away from those reasons which spark those feeling in us and also from rest of the world, we actually can have time for us.. We can actually make way for our thoughts and future roads.. no one can care for us better than us.. 

mere shaam-o-sehar mai tera saayaan bahut hai..
dil ki aarzoon mai khud ko tera paaya bahut hai..
dil-e-nadaan pyar mai magroor-e masroof hai..
ki khud ko haqiqat se mehroom arkhwaya bahut hai..
ae bekhabar massom sun jara (di-e-nadaan)..
wo jod chuka hai khud ko kisi aur hi ki kashti se..
ki tere kinaro ka uske sahilo se faasla bahut hai..
keh uss maazzi se jo kheeche hai teri kashtiyoon ko..
le jae unhe meri leharo ke daayro se kahi door..
teri doori mujhe dard degi har hadd tak ..
par teri nazdikiyoon ne bhi mujhe tadpaaya bahut hai..

understanding loneliness... Distributing pain over a span of time.. laws of physics always helps a lot.. its better to be awya from all sometimes..