Friday, January 2, 2015


Life calls for so many things... some days may let you think why they existed, some may get the tag of "filled with excitement" while some may be awaited... and the life goes on... leaving behind some dreams, some feelings , some un-followed paths, some un-achieved destinations... bus to keep walking is the motto of the life.. but is it worth walking this way?? unattended?? without senses?? We live in the social structure where dreams need to be designed within pre-defined format.. If by any case they break the rules, Rules will break them.. they need to pay for it.. but who ultimately pays?? In my senses trust pays out for it.. confidence pays out for it.. and most of all Happiness pays out for it.. I hate being in this type of structure.. I didnt choose it.. But definitely living with would gonna be my decision for which I guess I'm always going to regret which I dont want to.. surroundings may influence you, it may make u feel all alone, sometime it may attract you but it cannot give u the inner happiness and satisfaction.. may be today everything is against the way I look for them but I believe that will make me come out with shining light and golden color.. Who cares what all think of the way I live it, the only thing that matters for now is that I should stand for it and achieve the things I left behind by mistake... may be I need to walk alone on that way but I know at the end everyone I love will be with me, will be there for me..