Wednesday, February 11, 2015


We all have our dreams.. our hidden temptation for something.. we may show that we don't care whatever happen to us in our lives but the real thing is that deep in our heart, somewhere, that temptation is so strong that when it arises, every other thing losses its meaning.. Everyone has his own degree of wishlist.. i would like to say it wishlist because that is what we wish from our life, in my words, from a perfect life, but i would not like to relate it with the necessity of getting fulfilled, because life would still be worth living, albeit their fulfillment will add those flavors to it without which life would always miss that perfect taste we tempt for.. Say.. A child on footpath would wish for roof to sleep in cold winter nights.. a poor mother would wish for quantity food for her children for life.. a lower middle-class family would wish for easy going at the end of every month whereas a rich could wish for satisfaction everytime.. an average student can wish for merit in the exams and an old couple could wish, with their children, char-dham.. all had their own needs, and accordingly wishes.. i have read somewhere, " Dreams have those roads which go through hands (efforts)".. some might can.. but some has their roads hidden in our destiny.. we cannot change the course of those roads but we can make efforts to search for those.. life will always add unpredictable elements in our search.. it will play its own kind of treasure hunt with us.. each incident in life will let us learn from it, its up to us how we interpret it.. if we got what it is meant for, we can hope for the way which will lead us to our final destination.. but how can we say or assure ourselves with the interpretation we came out with for any particular situation.. life experiences (of own and others), positive thinking, balanced thoughts, right environment can help us to come out correctly.. but its ultimately our heart, its power to decide on any issue that will ultimately matter and make us do anything or come out with any conclusion.. 

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