Saturday, March 14, 2015


The Story started with Adam and Eve as it is said... see the world population today.. we have come along along way.. in this journey we interacted, with nature, with people who were like us, with animals and lot more.. I guess its naturally induced formula of getting engaged with those who are around us.. But do this always necessary?? Do this always required or permissible? we have a lot of feelings associated with us... love, hatred, jealousy, respect, being ignorant, being cautious and a lot more.. sometimes these may overcome us because of the genuineness of the reason behind them.. I'm not saying that those reasons are always right.. Theory of relativity rules everywhere.. All the things (including feeling and other emotions felt) make their way to right or wrong depending upon the perspective in which they are seen.. but ultimately what happens is that they can rule over our mind and heart sometimes.. that is actually the time for introspection.. leaving ourselves out of this world is what can help in such situations.. Solitude can define us.. when we are away from those reasons which spark those feeling in us and also from rest of the world, we actually can have time for us.. We can actually make way for our thoughts and future roads.. no one can care for us better than us.. 

mere shaam-o-sehar mai tera saayaan bahut hai..
dil ki aarzoon mai khud ko tera paaya bahut hai..
dil-e-nadaan pyar mai magroor-e masroof hai..
ki khud ko haqiqat se mehroom arkhwaya bahut hai..
ae bekhabar massom sun jara (di-e-nadaan)..
wo jod chuka hai khud ko kisi aur hi ki kashti se..
ki tere kinaro ka uske sahilo se faasla bahut hai..
keh uss maazzi se jo kheeche hai teri kashtiyoon ko..
le jae unhe meri leharo ke daayro se kahi door..
teri doori mujhe dard degi har hadd tak ..
par teri nazdikiyoon ne bhi mujhe tadpaaya bahut hai..

understanding loneliness... Distributing pain over a span of time.. laws of physics always helps a lot.. its better to be awya from all sometimes.. 

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