Tuesday, February 3, 2015

umeedon ke sahi MAAYNE...

They say its never sweet everyday.. I say it must not be.. Life has its own way to give us our own share of experiences.. Sweet or Sour; no matter what type are they but they shape our destiny.. last few days has made me see life with a very different angle.. it let me respect and thank God for everything i have in my life.. May be some days were filled with lots of tragic moments, at times hope disappeared, at times eyes were filled all with tears, at times hopelessness was the only my heart was filled up with but when i looked around, a sense of thrill replaced everything..When a little 10 year girl is seen fighting smilingly with her fate, this time again tears rolled down to the cheeks but this time with a sense of sadness.. when a 60 year old uncle fighting with fused joints and all the way knowing his future destiny seems to live life with the same joy, it make me feel so less of pain and so full of hope.. God has given every one his own share of difficulties and troubles.. what makes it large for someone and small for other, i don't know but it make feel myself lucky enough to have this normal life which is dreams of lacs.. And that let me fill with a sense of responsibility to help atleast one life to balance this special treatment given to me.. may be that day i can balance myself; my heart and my brain.. jo humesha swing ke do taraf rehte hai.. 

kismato pe hume bahrosa sa hai,
par himmato ki jarurat ka ehsaas bhi hai..
parinde apne par saath jarur laate hai,
par uddne ki uchchai apni lagan se paate hai..
apne liye to sabhi khush reh lete hai,
kisi aur ki hassi lauta dena khushnaseeb kar paate hai..

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