Thursday, February 26, 2015

Practicality or Emotionalism??

Who is a good leader?? One who can understand the practicality of the situation and adapt accordingly or the other who can see emotional side of the situation, listen to his heart  and give results accordingly?? Being an reader, I read about lot of different articles about ideas that successfully laid the path for rule, hundreds of past leaders who dominated the world (not only individuals but collective people or a whole nation too), thousands of common who got affected and reacted differently but i was never able to find balance.. between need of the time and need of the people as a whole... Any particular situation bring forth different requirements for different people and communities.. the reaction which can be beneficial for a group of people can be disastrous to some other.. History is full of these kind of examples.. When because of few individuals (it starts with few and expands its base by including others of same nature in it), a large has suffered.. and they suffered not because they didn't have any choice, the suffered because they were made to believe that this is what their fate decided for them.. Good or Bad, justified or unjustified, essential or burden; no matter what they think of it, they have to bear it because they lack power to overcome it.. I always understood that the individuals who controlled the fate of thousands were those who had economical and political high-ends, but i can never understood why the other thousand let them do this to them.. Why people let rule others over them when they knew what is happening is against the rule of nature of equal rights.. yes nature has given every one different standard of tasks and abilities, thoughts and understanding but it never meant that any particular individual is above or below some other.. Each work, each thought, each minute has its importance in this world and thus no one can deny any other his right to live with same dignity and comfort with which he is living.. yes when number of people living together increases, its necessary to have some kind of discipline but with a balance.. i have read about time when selfishness was at its verge, i have read about that time too when self-needs and leisure meant nothing for few individuals.. those who exploited others with the reason of practical needs, left emotions completely on sides.. I know, being completely emotional, leads to foolishness but we must remember, being completely practical leads to individualism... both are negative.. the sign positive '+' itself includes in itself two orthogonal ideologies.. only combination of both can complete it.. Yes it is very difficult maintain that balance (you cannot keep everyone satisfied) but yes a majority can be. and that majority must include the most needed one at the first step.. selfishness must be in our mind when we keep ourselves on the places of the people for whom we are deciding (only then can we understand what they expect from us) and being unbiased is what is expected from us while formulating all the understandings.. I guess that could help in maintaining a reasonable balance... 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Freedom... Emancipation.. Big words.. Big meaning.. Recently read about certain revolutions which happened in past for one or the other kind of freedoms.. It was really shocking to find out that people, the so called intellectual people, never considered women's freedom a big topic to discuss even in their early years...  It was included in their after a big delay.. And i guess the process of its implementation is still going on.. But my question is what do we mean by it.. What is freedom in true sense for us?? and a still bigger question... Has it reached a bigger portion of our society?? Do freedom or women emancipation just means to educate the girls till their graduation and feel relieved of responsibilities.. no doubt in the past years we have seen tremendous changes in the situation of ours in the society.. but is this what we needed?? sometimes it feels like having an unbalanced form of freedom.. they had put us on that kind of swing which keep on or forced to go on one side which demands more dominance over us and we keep on putting our complete strength to bring it back on our side.. Freedom is not just about free movement or to have a job.. In my words, it is about having our own ability to think on any matter liberally, after being unbiased, having our decision making power and choice to implement those decisions without hesitation, be those be the matters of our life or in any other prospective.. I guess there is still a big section in our society which thinks that we are not good decision makers.. but they forget that we have that amount of patience which they cannot even imagine and thus can think on any subject more patiently and come to a more sustainable result than they can.. and a much bigger deal is that we still depends on them to make any decision, be it concerned to our life solely.. I think we must consider each possible option but must do what we feel to and not to make others feel satisfied in the sense that they decided for us.. like others, our good and bad must be in our hands.. Now rest of the problem lies in the percentage of that portion up to which this amount of freedom have reached.. for some it is still a dream that may or may not come true.. People need to open up their minds.. They must stop thinking themselves as our guardians.. we are strong to enough to play that role for ourselves... and not just the others, we must stop thinking of ourselves as dependent on others.. we need to find strength in us..I know that's easy enough to say but not so easy to implement.. But we need to do that.. may be starting from very small but we have to start.. that's how its gonna work..

I was walking smilingly one day
suddenly, there was a mountain by my way..
i saw here, i saw there..
i was trying to find some help somewhere..
then i saw a man climbing it up with care..
he looked down, he saw me standing motionless in heavy air..
he gave a cunning smile..
he looked with dominant eyes..
as if he was trying to say..
hey u lady there, u cant cross it by any possible way..
his stare made me shiver
my self respect was the point where he hurt
i collected my confidence
i recalled my strength
now i was all ready to make my own way without anyone's help..

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Culture.. A word that describes a society.. what do we mean by it?? Is it a word which describes how people interacted with others, what they felt about some social issues, how they laid down some rules and principles for its subjects (no matter if those who were getting affected by those were included in formulation or not), or how right or wrong was decided on?? In my words i would like to define it something like this, " Culture: how society changed and flourished, gave way to new ideas and themes, ready to accept the wrong and swap it with right, let it subjects develop their own way of thinking and reasoning".. Today also, one of hot topics debated upon is our culture and traditions.. Many a people use it to defend their own ideas of conservatism and argue to preserve the rich heritage of culture we had.. but do they really do so?? How could few people without knowing and caring to know the idea of culture for others can burden themselves with such a big responsibility? culture is an collective theme, a mutual concept and it must be treated like that only.. Not just for our culture but for any other, the process of preserving rich culture and traditions is work of all, and it must be done like that only with respect given to all those who get affected by it.. Today is a world of internet which had made world a small place to live in.. we can look, observe and analyse a lot more than what was possible in far past.. obviously we get more easily influenced by others way of life, how they feel about any particular issue and how they differ from us.. Our mind must be open enough to see what is happening around.. we must see carefully and analyse accordingly based on our thoughts and concept.. we must accept anything what we see, but we must not reject also.. a big question that comes forward is how one should decide?? what must be done: acceptation or rejection?? Its not a process of a day or two which develops our way of thinking or reasoning ability.. Its a gradual process.. It comes with experiences, ours and others also.. and we must atleast give everyone that chance of experiences.. only then can a society can flourish.. and its subject will, not only preserve the rich heritage of it but also be proud of it.. I am proud of it..

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


We all have our dreams.. our hidden temptation for something.. we may show that we don't care whatever happen to us in our lives but the real thing is that deep in our heart, somewhere, that temptation is so strong that when it arises, every other thing losses its meaning.. Everyone has his own degree of wishlist.. i would like to say it wishlist because that is what we wish from our life, in my words, from a perfect life, but i would not like to relate it with the necessity of getting fulfilled, because life would still be worth living, albeit their fulfillment will add those flavors to it without which life would always miss that perfect taste we tempt for.. Say.. A child on footpath would wish for roof to sleep in cold winter nights.. a poor mother would wish for quantity food for her children for life.. a lower middle-class family would wish for easy going at the end of every month whereas a rich could wish for satisfaction everytime.. an average student can wish for merit in the exams and an old couple could wish, with their children, char-dham.. all had their own needs, and accordingly wishes.. i have read somewhere, " Dreams have those roads which go through hands (efforts)".. some might can.. but some has their roads hidden in our destiny.. we cannot change the course of those roads but we can make efforts to search for those.. life will always add unpredictable elements in our search.. it will play its own kind of treasure hunt with us.. each incident in life will let us learn from it, its up to us how we interpret it.. if we got what it is meant for, we can hope for the way which will lead us to our final destination.. but how can we say or assure ourselves with the interpretation we came out with for any particular situation.. life experiences (of own and others), positive thinking, balanced thoughts, right environment can help us to come out correctly.. but its ultimately our heart, its power to decide on any issue that will ultimately matter and make us do anything or come out with any conclusion.. 

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

umeedon ke sahi MAAYNE...

They say its never sweet everyday.. I say it must not be.. Life has its own way to give us our own share of experiences.. Sweet or Sour; no matter what type are they but they shape our destiny.. last few days has made me see life with a very different angle.. it let me respect and thank God for everything i have in my life.. May be some days were filled with lots of tragic moments, at times hope disappeared, at times eyes were filled all with tears, at times hopelessness was the only my heart was filled up with but when i looked around, a sense of thrill replaced everything..When a little 10 year girl is seen fighting smilingly with her fate, this time again tears rolled down to the cheeks but this time with a sense of sadness.. when a 60 year old uncle fighting with fused joints and all the way knowing his future destiny seems to live life with the same joy, it make me feel so less of pain and so full of hope.. God has given every one his own share of difficulties and troubles.. what makes it large for someone and small for other, i don't know but it make feel myself lucky enough to have this normal life which is dreams of lacs.. And that let me fill with a sense of responsibility to help atleast one life to balance this special treatment given to me.. may be that day i can balance myself; my heart and my brain.. jo humesha swing ke do taraf rehte hai.. 

kismato pe hume bahrosa sa hai,
par himmato ki jarurat ka ehsaas bhi hai..
parinde apne par saath jarur laate hai,
par uddne ki uchchai apni lagan se paate hai..
apne liye to sabhi khush reh lete hai,
kisi aur ki hassi lauta dena khushnaseeb kar paate hai..