Sunday, February 15, 2015


Culture.. A word that describes a society.. what do we mean by it?? Is it a word which describes how people interacted with others, what they felt about some social issues, how they laid down some rules and principles for its subjects (no matter if those who were getting affected by those were included in formulation or not), or how right or wrong was decided on?? In my words i would like to define it something like this, " Culture: how society changed and flourished, gave way to new ideas and themes, ready to accept the wrong and swap it with right, let it subjects develop their own way of thinking and reasoning".. Today also, one of hot topics debated upon is our culture and traditions.. Many a people use it to defend their own ideas of conservatism and argue to preserve the rich heritage of culture we had.. but do they really do so?? How could few people without knowing and caring to know the idea of culture for others can burden themselves with such a big responsibility? culture is an collective theme, a mutual concept and it must be treated like that only.. Not just for our culture but for any other, the process of preserving rich culture and traditions is work of all, and it must be done like that only with respect given to all those who get affected by it.. Today is a world of internet which had made world a small place to live in.. we can look, observe and analyse a lot more than what was possible in far past.. obviously we get more easily influenced by others way of life, how they feel about any particular issue and how they differ from us.. Our mind must be open enough to see what is happening around.. we must see carefully and analyse accordingly based on our thoughts and concept.. we must accept anything what we see, but we must not reject also.. a big question that comes forward is how one should decide?? what must be done: acceptation or rejection?? Its not a process of a day or two which develops our way of thinking or reasoning ability.. Its a gradual process.. It comes with experiences, ours and others also.. and we must atleast give everyone that chance of experiences.. only then can a society can flourish.. and its subject will, not only preserve the rich heritage of it but also be proud of it.. I am proud of it..

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