Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Freedom... Emancipation.. Big words.. Big meaning.. Recently read about certain revolutions which happened in past for one or the other kind of freedoms.. It was really shocking to find out that people, the so called intellectual people, never considered women's freedom a big topic to discuss even in their early years...  It was included in their after a big delay.. And i guess the process of its implementation is still going on.. But my question is what do we mean by it.. What is freedom in true sense for us?? and a still bigger question... Has it reached a bigger portion of our society?? Do freedom or women emancipation just means to educate the girls till their graduation and feel relieved of responsibilities.. no doubt in the past years we have seen tremendous changes in the situation of ours in the society.. but is this what we needed?? sometimes it feels like having an unbalanced form of freedom.. they had put us on that kind of swing which keep on or forced to go on one side which demands more dominance over us and we keep on putting our complete strength to bring it back on our side.. Freedom is not just about free movement or to have a job.. In my words, it is about having our own ability to think on any matter liberally, after being unbiased, having our decision making power and choice to implement those decisions without hesitation, be those be the matters of our life or in any other prospective.. I guess there is still a big section in our society which thinks that we are not good decision makers.. but they forget that we have that amount of patience which they cannot even imagine and thus can think on any subject more patiently and come to a more sustainable result than they can.. and a much bigger deal is that we still depends on them to make any decision, be it concerned to our life solely.. I think we must consider each possible option but must do what we feel to and not to make others feel satisfied in the sense that they decided for us.. like others, our good and bad must be in our hands.. Now rest of the problem lies in the percentage of that portion up to which this amount of freedom have reached.. for some it is still a dream that may or may not come true.. People need to open up their minds.. They must stop thinking themselves as our guardians.. we are strong to enough to play that role for ourselves... and not just the others, we must stop thinking of ourselves as dependent on others.. we need to find strength in us..I know that's easy enough to say but not so easy to implement.. But we need to do that.. may be starting from very small but we have to start.. that's how its gonna work..

I was walking smilingly one day
suddenly, there was a mountain by my way..
i saw here, i saw there..
i was trying to find some help somewhere..
then i saw a man climbing it up with care..
he looked down, he saw me standing motionless in heavy air..
he gave a cunning smile..
he looked with dominant eyes..
as if he was trying to say..
hey u lady there, u cant cross it by any possible way..
his stare made me shiver
my self respect was the point where he hurt
i collected my confidence
i recalled my strength
now i was all ready to make my own way without anyone's help..

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