Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It is rather very difficult to take decision at any point of time in your life.. Whats's right?? What's wished?? What's required?? What is the need of the hour?? A lot and lot goes inside out in mind and heart while thinking bout situations which are rather complicated.. Many a times, I think, that things are not as complicated as we take them.. they can be dealt with in a more simplistic way or I should say in a easier way at-least if little of emotions and practicality is added in those.. i wont say that whenever any complicity occur in any relation, the fault is either on-sided or two-sided.. i disagree with the proverb " you cannot clap without using two hand".. In relations or in any other situation, it can happen.. because some are the situations which are not governed by laws of nature or laws of requirement.. they are rather governed by laws of egoism or attitude or rigidness.. at that time there is a clap which has no sound associated with it but a boiled lava coming up slowly inside the volcano which cannot be seen from outside until it's exploded.. but is there any way employing which can this explosion be avoided or at-least kept at reasonable distance from important sites.. I would answer this in affirmation.. but this affirmative answer needs a tough stand and strong affiliation in its backdrop.. being good doesn't mean being silent.. its nowhere in the scene.. Goodness comes with lots of responsibilities.. In the present society, its very difficult to decide between right and wrong except in any hard core situation.. things are more relative and less absolute.. being responsible means to decide a balanced way out in every circumstances.. responsibility demands selflessness.. and its too difficult to be so.. compromises are much difficult to be made than promises.. at the starting, we can make a lot of promises but as time goes on, those promises demands compromises from us which means to set back self made choices.. and believe me that's a very tough task to deal with.. my personal criteria to deal with any situation is always based on the assumption of what i would have liked if i would have been in another person's place.. i know it never works always but this atleast it has an assurance with it of low pain intensities to others.. being stubborn is nice but being flexible is much better.. till it never want compromises on your basic principles.. I know we all have our right to enjoy this life given to us and have freedom of choices and decision but with rights comes the responsibility.. we should do what we want while taking care of others.. compromising on small things is not a bad deal for achieving great targets.. make yourself so lovable and respectable that people tends to give you what you want.. for our life, we must fight and work hard to make it worth living and remembering..

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