Sunday, March 22, 2015


She said: i wanna have a sense of freedom and self-sufficiency..

they said: u are made to remain bounded and dependent by the supreme law..
She said: the world belongs to me and i belong to it.. 
they said: It never was and never will..
She said: look, the stars!! they are made for me also.. I can fly high and reach them.
they said: u are allowed to just see them and not to reach them..
She said: oh so humble one!! answer my last question..are u delivering the supreme law or u are just like others who are afraid to come below or at least equal to any other community than yours and using law as shield??
they said: lets leave.. we said what was told to us.. we are done..

they said, they left..

people never thought of the effects the words they say have on others.. they say and goes away.. and people need to suffer because of them.. and that suffering goes on a long way.. the right to live suffers the most.. the right to think intimate the most.. and above all our existence get into trouble the most... its time to get answer of all the questions we have in our mind, all the boundaries drown around us need to be justified, their right to question us in every circumstance need to be scrutinized.. we made us what we are and we dont need to give any explanation to any one who are not even anywhere related to us.. we did the action and let us be bearer of action and not the bearer to restraints to avoid the course of ideas and action.. we could be wrong but that doesn't make us less recognized or for biddable to implemenation.. 

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