Saturday, March 28, 2015


Lets begin with a small discussion toady.. There was a girl.. What's her name was is not important.. What's important is how she saw the world.. for her world was not a beautiful or an ideal place to live in but certainly it was an interesting place worth experiencing.. she thought of it in her unique way.. she loved to live in it.. no doubt she has pain, at times she felt hurt, at times she was disappointed with the way life was treating her.. but all these fact never broke her confidence in live being worth living.. she has her fundamentals and way of look towards life.. she believed that every human has capabilities to make this world a better place to live in.. what is needed are sincere efforts and to think above himself.. a fundamental equation says that what you cannot consider right or acceptable for yourself, you have no right to implement same to others.. if you need respect for yourself, you have to first give that to everyone.. in this balanced world, you cannot shift balance in your benefit at the cost of others.. and if you are blessed with some talents, you have to be thankful and share your talents with other so that other too can enjoy the benefits.. it might reflect socialist values but being purely capitalist cannot make anyone feel contented.. balance is a fundamental requirement.. but all her views got shattered when she saw how people were inhumane and irresponsible for some very basic values.. she used to thought that these are some basic ideas that are always there in the heart of people but when she saw the stupid responses and  selfish behavior of them she felt heart-broken.. her simple question was ," when she can feel the trauma and sense seriousness of the situation, why can't others? she is also a normal human being with average understanding, then why cant others??" and when i listened to her thoughts, the same questions arises in my mind. i know everyone has his build her thoughts in a different and peculiar way but some basic situation has same results.. they must not be denied.. and i feel ashamed when people act in the very opposite way in those basic situation.. especially being a woman.. i feel like God has given us very good understanding,intuitive and reasoning power.. What we can make of a situation, no one else can.. We can be the best administrators if we can put our 100% effort.. but at the same time we can the do the very opposite if we react in a stupid way and act in spontaneity and without giving any second thoughts.. we are made to rule but in a sensible way.. the world belongs to us and we must make it worth appreciating.. We must keep our shoulders high to go on and on but in a subtle manner.. our little effort in evry sector can collectively lead to great positive change.. I wanna make myself proud and i will, will you?? 

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