Thursday, December 3, 2015

marriages are said to made in heaven but tolerated on earth.

I never assumed life to be so more life taking then it is now.. I was a joyous person with easy to go attitude but the type of situation time offered had taken all of my essence for life.. I never assumed for life to be all flowers and no thorns but it has its own basket to give from.. Being a girl in the Indian society never give u much space for thinking for all flower and I never did.. But yes assumed it to be simple.. The kind of situation I am going through now a days let my belief grew more stronger that the institutions created by man are the worst invention of all time.. Be it society, Marriages or anyyhing else.. They were made for the good of so called patriarchal world.. Where man always wanted to be dominating.. Where rules can be moulded açcording to his choice, how he can play safe... Where individual words were not given much space if they come from an ordinary man ohhh sorry ordinary women.. They were supposed to be a listening piece of their order decree.. And whenever attempts were made to break the rules of the game, they were disqualified.. I was never able to find the reason behind our submission.. We were also made to fly and we were stopped every time.. And the so called institution "Marriage" which was in the name of safety of our rights was made most useful and usable place to exploit us... To tolerate was made its main key to keep going but it was assumed to be kept by us.. The way marriages take place here is something very weird to my understanding.. A stranger suddenly becomes the master of your life.. We are bought up with the words that do what he say.. Are we made for so?? I know we are not always right.. I know relationship sustain with understanding and compromises but from both the sides... Bad understanding results in worst marriage and it has impact on not only two persons but on two families.. I know God has made us much clever and brainy than others.. But he made us emotional too.. We can solve any problem if we wish for it..  And we can wordsen any matter if we decide for it..  I, on this platform, just want to share that happiness is nevr readymade it is always earned with hard efforts for love and feelings.. Don't put its stake in danger with few unreasonable choice because of so called society pressure.. If we have happiness we will share it.. But we must aim for it with reason and choices . 

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