Sunday, December 13, 2015

They cànt take u to be so simple and straight..

Boys... Sorry if I am generalising here, I beg ur pardon in advance but what I'm gonna write is based on what I have experienced.. The ego of boys is so big in them that they can't even take the slightest blow to that.. They talk of equàl thoughts, being straight forward and independent thoughts and personality but when it come to actually accept all these they take it so personally.. Seems like someone had done a surprise attack on their ego and they retaliate that too in a harsh way.. They don't understand that it hurts.. I was never able to understand there so called thought process.. How they come to an unusual conclusion is beyond my analysing abilities.. Might be I am poor in that.. But I am worse in facing those results.. If it would have possible to eraß ßome ingredients from your personality, I would have gone for the touchyness I start feeling with people when I meet them.. People always say they never let go whom they like, but I also believed in letting them know that they are not supposed to go.. I guess in today's world of materialism this is not what people deserve to know ( in people I am also included).. I guess its better to hide the truth and display the fake character they need us to play.. Guys do change.. If u are accepted for what u are, have courage to accept others for what they are.. Change is rule of life but not required foundation. It must just shape  the design but not decide the course of it... U won't understand ever but it hurts.. 

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