Thursday, November 12, 2015

One more of reason..

Ae kash ki aisa hota..
Raat ka andhera jald dhal sa jata..

Wo aane wale pal kuch der ruk jate..
Kuch awaazein hum sun hi na paatein..

Beete kal ki aahato mai itna darr hai bassa..
Ki aane wale pal ki umeed ne bhi sehma hai diya..

Thokre itni milli chalti raaho main..
Ki manzilo se ab hai nhi koi kashish..

Life is a struggle.. My friend used to say this to me always when I used to get low.. But sometimes this struggle goes to that level that no matter what's gonna be end result, u just hate the path.. I used to love life for its variencies, its complicacies.. The path was difficult always but it was fel worth moving.. But now the stage has reached when everything is so meaningless.. I never felt so worthless.. I was kinda gal which hugged the way no matter what it lays on it coz I used to love the destination.. But the way path has put forward its negativies, I lost my all love in it.. I want to get up, move forward, and go on.. I need that one more reason to love the way I used to.. And that one reason and method is I guess ignorance and that's it..
 Believe me guys, its never gonna be easy, and for a Indian girl it would never be.. To go on, to not let ur threshold of tolerance break is the key.. For me, each time it breaks, I push the limits a bit of up, and then try to move.. But its never easy.. The painn is sometimes unbearable.. But then easy way never lead to precious world..ihopemy way gets me to the world of selflessness, tolerance and acceptance.. After all life is also about change..

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