Monday, October 26, 2015

Back with a bang

Hey.. So I'm here again after a long.. The life has been so busy through out.. But the mind never stopped thinking of writing , of sharing , of telling the world what it think of it , and the worldly feeling , that keep on jumbling from here and there.. People say experience is the best teacher one can have in his life.. So true are they.. But more than experience what makes people more mature and knowledgeable is the understanding of the true meaning hidden in those experience s.. When I see myself in the past and what I am today, I can see a great amount of difference in me. Ya I was immature enough to make things complicated, not only for me but for others also.. Butnas I moved on, life presented before a lot of variety of situations to deal with, that too in variety of fields.. I was entering a love door, I was leaving the same door at the same time.. Ya true.. I was on the edge of success and took other aspects of life.. What I was demanding fro m it was not what it has in its pocket.. I was childish enough to assume that everything will go on like this.. But then a angel came in my life.. He was not of much importance earlier but today he is one of the most important person I have.. He was more than a friend.. He was a guide to me.. At any turn, if I shattered or got confused about the right way, he was there to help me out.. He made me laugh, he made me cry. He made me learn the toughest lessons of my life.. He let me learn the pain in such a beautiful way that today I can stand anything or any moment no matter I am alone or accompanied by someone.. Earlier I just used to consider him as my friend but now he is much more than that. He is the true mentor,a great ideal as a child to me, a rock of determination, a river with flexible path but never changing its path and destination.. People say love is the most ptous feeling we people can have.. But believe me when love is overpowered by respect and deep belief for each other, this feeling called love seems so small.. I respect my angel like God and my parents. He let me knew the true essence of true happiness.. He is different in many way possiblble but the way he care for others, combines extremism of both ends and yet following moderation is yet any uncovered magic he holds which I need to discover.. They say life changes when it assumes the set time.. But it can never change the way I feel for any1.. Respect has very earlier had overtaken the bus of luv. And now he is on driving seat, combining some beautiful example of truthiness and simplicity and yet so elegant in its own special way.. 

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